How to Record Video from Roku

Use Jaksta Media Recorder to download, record and capture video and music from Roku

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Note: Images below show Netflix as an example only. Roku can be captured in the same way.

Download, record and capture video and music from Roku.


  1. Download the Jaksta Media Recorder installer.
  2. Install Jaksta Media Recorder by running the downloaded installer
  3. Once installed, start Jaksta Media Recorder from the Windows Start Menu Step 1 to download from Roku

Prepare DVR Mode

  1. Ensure the Digital Video Recorder Capture Method is selected to capture Roku ;
  2. Open the DVR Browser; Step 2 to download from Roku

Play Roku video in the DVR Browser

  1. Navigate the DVR Browser to Roku;
  2. Play the Roku video you want to capture; Step 3 to download from Roku

Record the Roku video

  1. Once the Roku video is playing click the REC button to begin recording Roku silently in the background;
  2. The recording progress from Roku will display on the Home screen along with a preview window;
  3. The DVR will automatically split Roku shows into new files;
  4. Once the Roku video download is complete, double click the download entry to watch it in your favorite video player. Step 4 to download from Roku

About Jaksta Media Recorder

The Jaksta Media Recorder Digital Video Recorder (DVR) capture method is superb at capturing from premium sites such as Roku where downloading is not allowed. Our proprietary DVR technology allows high quality recordings from Roku to be made silently in the background, so you can can continue working on your computer.

To record from Roku use the current version of Jaksta Media Recorder - which was released Oct 08, 2020

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