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Downloaded streams and program crashed

Asked by Eben @ 31 Jan 2021 10:01 / Views: 5

Downloaded streams all day and program crashed on Mac.  Now all the files say they are gone..  HELP!! Where is the temp folder? IS there anyway to retrieve them?

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Hi Benjamin,

It shouldn't have deleted the captured videos so long as the initial downloads were complete.

The download and conversion file locations are set in your Jaksta preferences. You can find the settings Jaksta by going to: Jaksta Media Recorder (top-left OS menu) > Preferences > Downloads/Conversion

The 'Downloads location' folder should contain the original captured videos and the 'Conversion location' should have the same videos post-conversion, if any conversion is set.

The default locations are:

  • Downloads: /Users/[Your Mac Name]/Movies/Jaksta Media Recorder
  • Conversions: /Users/[Your Mac Name]/Movies/Jaksta Media Recorder/Converted



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