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Jaksta 1.5.1 Keeps quitting

Asked by Jim Norsworthy @ 13 May 2017 12:05 / Views: 40

My Jaksta 1.5.1 keeps quitting on startup of video to copy

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Hi Jim,

Can you please start by reinstalling the program and see if that fixes it. There may be a break in the programs processes and doing a reinstall should reset all of its functionality. 

If the problem continues can you please provide:

- a link to a video you are having this problem with

- a screenshot (if you can capture one) of the problem when it occurs

- a crash log (which you can get when the dialogue box pops up after the crash asking if you want to reopen/ignore/report - click on report for the crash log)

- a Jaksta log file (which you can find in Jaksta by going to Preferences > General > Find Log File)

Start with the reinstall and then we can go from there.



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