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Jaksta Monitoring Enabled, Secure Connections Impossible (e.g., "Dropbox Can't Establish Secure Connection")

Asked by Stephen M @ 03 Jun 2017 07:06 / Views: 48

Hello.  I used the previous 1.x versions for years, from 2012 all the way up through Mac OS X El Capitan until recently when Jaksta just stopped working reliably on sites it had worked on for years.

I just bought the upgrade to version 2 for Mac, and discovered that if I turn on Jaksta Media Recorder's monitoring capability, then Dropbox's desktop sync client "dies" in ~5 seconds with the error, "Dropbox Can't Establish Secure Connection" and it will no longer sync until I turn off Jaksta's monitoring.

This NEVER happened for me using Jaksta's 1.x version and I would not have considered it normal or acceptable behavior even if it were happening.  The fact Dropbox is complaining about being unable to establish a secure connection makes me think Jaksta is doing some shady stuff behind the scenes.

Please explain exactly what is going on that causes this error and why Jaksta monitoring would interfere with the ability of non-browser-based apps to establish secure connections.

Also, this really needs to be fixed.  Compromising other apps' secure connections is a bug bordering on malware, not legitimate functionality (in my opinion).

Please reply ASAP; I'm really not comfortable with this change in Jaksta's behavior vs prior versions.

From Stephen M @ 03 Jun 2017 07:06

Hi Stephen,

The way that Jaksta works (and has always worked) is by applying its own proxy settings which allow it to monitor and capture the streams that it downloads. When it does this, everything else is meant to continue working as it normally does. Then when it is closed, it reverts the settings back to normal.

In your case, there is obviously an error happening somewhere which is giving you this problem. Whilst it is not common, it has happened before (with the older versions as well). Most likely there is some kind of issue when it reconfigures the proxy settings and it breaks the connection.

From my records it looks as if you have the bundle, which means you have the other programs as well.

First of all, can you please do a test with Music Recorder and tell me if you have the same problem. It operates very similarly to Media Recorder, so it will be good to know if it presents the same issue.

Secondly, can you do a hard reinstall of the program(s) that are giving you this problem - uninstall, reboot, reinstall

Thirdly, if you continue to experience this problem can you send through a screenshot, as much detail as you can about how and when the issue presents itself, and a log file.

You can find the log file Jaksta by going to Preferences > General > Find Log File. You will want to run Jaksta first and then let the problem happen and then get the log and close it, so that it can capture it happening in the log.



Jaksta Support

From Liam C @ 05 Jun 2017 10:06

Hi Liam,

Thanks for the response.  Same issue happens with the other apps in the suite.  I deleted the apps & logs & anything else I could see that said "jaksta", restarted, reinstalled Jaksta Media Recorder, and on first launch, same issue with Dropbox happened.  A screenshot, a 30-second screen recording showing what happens (Dropbox stops syncing as soon as Jaksta opens), and a scrubbed log file are attached.  

I wasn't sure all of the extensive information the log captures is necessary or relevant for troubleshooting this issue, so I masked some things I'm not comfortable posting / sharing online -- my Apple ID (for example), internal LAN IP addresses, device MAC addresses and/or names, and some directory paths (for the "recent folders" list).  If you absolutely need one or more of those pieces of info to troubleshoot, let me know what piece & why its needed and I'll see if I'm comfortable providing it.

From Stephen M @ 06 Jun 2017 06:06

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for all that. This info will help us a lot to investigate.

Can you quickly tell me whether it broke your internet connection completely as well, or did it just hinder Dropbox or any other programs?



Jaksta Support

From Liam C @ 06 Jun 2017 09:06

Hi Liam. It didn't break the connection e.g, I could still browse the internet, though I did notice that speed was slower than normal.  But, that could have been unrelated.

Also one correction to my statement -- the Dropbox secure connection error occurs with Jaksta programs open *when monitoring is enabled*.  If you leave a Jaksta program open but turn off the monitoring, Dropbox goes back to normal and automatically re-establishes its secure connection.  (But will promptly "break" again as soon as monitoring is re-enabled.)


PS:  Thanks for bearing with my paranoia RE: log details.

From Stephen M @ 06 Jun 2017 10:06

Hi Stephen,

Ok so that is good to hear. 

I enquired about this with the Dev team and they have essentially told me that what you are experiencing is normal - so long as the internet connection itself doesn't break. That is a separate instance and very much a problem.

When the monitoring is turned on, that is when Jaksta applies the changes to the proxy settings. I have found that the same thing happens to me with Dropbox.

The reason it affects Dropbox is that is pretty much expected to break anything with a secure connection as it is altering the connection settings.

This has always been the way that Jaksta functions and so if you are only experiencing it now, it may just be the first time you have noticed. 

If you are able to successfully use the Jaksta programs to capture and download video streams/audio, then I would say that it is working as it should and all is well :D

If you do have any other problems getting it to work or if you have any other concerns, please let me know.



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From Liam C @ 06 Jun 2017 10:06

Hi Liam,

Understood, but I am 100% absolutely positively certain that this issue did not occur at all with Jaksta 1.3.3 under any mac OS X version since 2012.  I am extremely detail oriented and I notice things like this, especially when they are "abnormal" vs usual patterns of behavior -- that's what prompted me to open this ticket in the first place.  If it was working fine in 1.3.3, perhaps that's an indication to the Dev team they should review & compare code between that version and how the same functions are handled in 2.x to see if they can make adjustments to prevent this from happening.

From Stephen M @ 06 Jun 2017 12:06

Hi Stephen,

I will point that out to the Dev team and they may choose to address with a future update.

Thanks for letting us know :D



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From Liam C @ 08 Jun 2017 10:06

I am having the same issue. My dropbox connection is lost as soon as I startup Jaksta Media Recorder. Never happened in earlier versions. Must quit Jaksta to get dropbox back.

From Jrweberdds @ 01 Jul 2017 03:07

Hi James,

As I previously said to Stephen (above), this is considered normal and does not indicate an error. 

We may look to implement some kind of workaround in the future, but for the moment you should be fine to continue using your software as you have been.

If you really have to use Dropbox or any other program that is hindered by Jaksta, then all you should have to do is turn the monitoring OFF and the changes to the proxy settings that it makes will be undone until it is switched back ON.



Jaksta Support

From Liam C @ 03 Jul 2017 10:07