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JMR crashes 5-10 seconds after starting

Asked by Rebbs @ 09 Oct 2017 18:10 / Views: 30

I have JMR, on Mac Pro running OS 10.12.6.

When I load it, it shows the UI, with past downloads from July this year.

Then it crashes, after about 5 seconds. Every time.

Fortunately, I have another copy running on my laptop, but I would like to get it working again on the Big Mac.

Log file attached.

Help and fix much appreciated.

From Rebbs @ 09 Oct 2017 18:10

Hi Richard,

If you haven't tried it already, I would suggest doing a full reinstall. If there is a break in the programs processes, then this should reset them.

What you will need to do is delete the app (uninstall) from Applications instead of just reinstalling over it. Then in Finder go to the top menu and then access Go > (holding one of shift/alt/control/command) Library > Application Support > Jaksta Media Recorder and delete that folder (NOTE: doing this will erase your library file list in Jaksta, but your downloaded/converted files will remain intact). Reboot the Mac and then do a reinstall of the latest version ( and it will regenerate a new copy of the deleted folder and the application files. 

Start with that and then we can go from there. This fixes it a surprising majority of the time.



Jaksta Support

From Liam C @ 10 Oct 2017 10:10

This did not work. Same result -- crashes after about 10 sec.
Apple crash log file attached.

From Rebbs @ 22 Dec 2017 18:12

Hi Richard,

Please try the latest beta and let me know how you go.

You can get the installer here:



Jaksta Support

From Liam C @ 04 Jan 2018 10:01

Hi again Richard,

If the problem continues can you send the new crash report as well as a clean log file?

To get a clean log, you will need to do the following:

- Open JMR

- Go to Preferences > General > Find Log File

- Close JMR but keep the Finder window with the log file open

- Delete the log file and still keep the Finder window open

- Reopen JMR (this will generate a new log file)

- Run one test on a standard video stream that you know gives an error/fails 

- Close JMR once it fails or wait until it crashes

- Go back to the Finder window with the new log file and attach it here (don't copy and paste the code in it - send the file itself)

You might need to move pretty fast to get to the log file in preferences before it crashes. Let me know if you struggle to source the log file.



Jaksta Support

From Liam C @ 04 Jan 2018 11:01

beta did not work . crashes after few seconds with high sierra 10.13.2

From Gui Colle @ 13 Jan 2018 06:01

Hi Gui,

Can you please provide a crash report?

If one is not offered then you should be able to source it by opening Console and then going to User Reports.



Jaksta Support

From Liam C @ 15 Jan 2018 11:01