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Mac - Creativelive Update ?

Asked by Lee @ 04 Jan 2018 01:01 / Views: 0

 I noticed the statement about the Mac version of Media Recorder does not support Creativelive.

Has this issue been resolved and if so which version of the Mac OS is required ?

Also, does the reply from 2016 imply that the windows versions do support Creativelive downloads ?

From Lee @ 04 Jan 2018 01:01

Hi Lee,

I have just done a successful test using the latest version of Jaksta Media Recorder on CreativeLive.

The video I tested was a free introductory video and was not paid content or anything I needed to be logged in to access, but as best I can tell Jaksta works on that site.

I am using High Sierra, but it more comes down to the version of Jaksta you are running rather than the Mac OS.

The 2016 comment is not meant to imply that the Windows version supports this site. The apps for Windows and Mac are quite different both in their appearance and functionality, and so on the technical side we can only comment on what the Mac version can or can't do.

Could you please report back your findings if you end up testing the CreativeLive paid content?



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From Liam @ 04 Jan 2018 10:01