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Asked by James Strickland @ 20 Jul 2016 09:07 / Views: 59

Whenever I try to download from spotify stream adds, finishes, and converts almost immediately without recording anything. I need some answer. I have a full liscence, and I will be wanting my money back if this is a product that is not going to work. 

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Hi James,

Unfortunately we cannot record from Spotify at the moment on the Mac - they have recently changed their streaming methods. We are in the process of updating Jaksta Music Miner to be able to record Spotify and some other problem sites. But I don't really have an ETA at the moment for this.

So you could wait for this if you want, or if you would like a refund let us know what email address your purchase is under. Send an email to if you need to send us something you don't want to make public on the forum.



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I Loved and highly recommended this program, I hope we get a fix soon, looking forward to seeing an update, but atlas I now know its not music miner, its spotify and Minor

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