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Jacksta 2.0 will not capture Spotify App on iMAC

I recently purchased the latest 2.0 version of Deluxe Bundle hoping the Spotify problen would be fixed. I was wrong. I still can't capture strea fro Spotify app using Jaksta. Is it still an issue with Spotify even after the latest update?

From Lonnie Welch @ 02 May 2017 10:05

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Hi Lonnie,

Spotify has continued to be very difficult when it comes to capturing the stream, so what we did with the new version is built in the new Audio Capture mode as an alternative method. Rather than capturing the stream it instead records the audio being generated from the audio output. 

There are settings in the preferences that you can alter to make the recording split between songs, so that when a playlist in Spotify is playing it will separate the tracks rather than leaving you with one big, long file of all the songs strung together. 

To alter the settings, you must first turn the monitoring to OFF (ON/OFF button down the bottom left), switch it to Audio Capture Mode (select down the mode down the bottom right), change the settings in preferences as desired and then turn monitoring back to ON once you are ready to start recording. Then play the music and it should start capturing it.

When recording in this mode, you cannot have any other audio or noises come through the computer, otherwise they will be captured as well. It also records in real time, so it will take the entire length of time of the playlist for it be completely captured. 

Hope this helps.



Jaksta Support

From Liam @ 03 May 2017 16:05

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