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Jaksta Music Recorder, Mac, Big Sur. Streaming Option Not working and disabling all internet

Finally got round to using Jaksta music recorder on Mac Big Sur.

As the audio quality of the audio capture was not acceptable I have tried using the streaming option. It just doesn't work at all.

Have tried with various streaming platforms, Deezer,Spotify etc.

As soon as I turn on streaming mode from Audio cpture mode it just stops all browswers working, Chrome , Safari. If I turn back to audio capture mode and wait a while internet is fixed.

So that's both methods not working for me on Mac, Big Sur

From Doozer @ 20 Jun 2021 17:06

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Hi Doozer,

Regarding the broken browsers, can you please do the following:

  1. Open Keychain Access and go to: System Keychains (left menu heading) > System (left menu item) > Certificates (top menu item)
  2. Double click the applian.com certificate to open the information
    • If the certificate is not listed then stop here and see "Potential Outcomes" listed below
  3. Expand the 'Trust' section and check the "When using this certificate:" value 
    • Manually set it to 'Always Trust' if it is not already
  4. Find and check the 'Not Valid Before' and 'Not Valid After' dates, which will be about 20 lines down in the 'Details' section, and ensure that the certificate is valid based on those dates
    • Take a screenshot of the 'Trust' and 'Details' sections (down to the bottom of the 'Not Valid...' values) and attach it here

Potential outcomes:

Everything looks to be in order and no changes are needed - we can try something else to resolve the issue

You change the Trust properties of the certificate to 'Always Trust' - try running Jaksta again and see if it works

The applian.com certificate is not listed - I can then provide instructions for you to generate one

Let me know how you go and we can proceed from there if needed. Also lease be aware that the auto-capture mechanism is not compatible with Spotify.



Jaksta Support

From Liam @ 21 Jun 2021 14:06

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