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Unable to record anything at all

I have 2x licences for Jaksta Music Miner, one running on a 2009 iMac, OSX 10.8 (which has never worked). The other was running perfectly on another iMac but, since upgrading iMac to a new model, I can't get it running either. New iMac is brand new Retina 5k, OSX 10.10.5.  In both cases I'm using Chrome as net browser. On both machines, on launching Jaksta all I get is the 'chirp' and a blank window. No matter what source I use, there is no change to this window's status - it simply doesn't seem to be receiving any input fro any source. Have attached the log file for the new Mac.

Just to re-iterate, I was running Music Miner perfectly well on an older iMac (2009 Core Duo, OSX 10.10.4), although I could not get it running on the second 2009 iMac. Since changing to brand new iMac I can't get Music Miner running on here either. So 2x licences, no Music Miner! Any help greatly appreciated!

From Diarmidl @ 23 Sep 2015 22:09

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It looks like you are running an old version of Jaksta Music Miner. Can you try downloading and installing the latest version from here:


If this still does not work on either machine, can you check a couple of things:

1. Try different browsers: Safari, Firefox, Chrome. Does this make any difference?

2. Can you say what sites you are recording from? Can you try YouTube (it will capture the audio part) - does this work?

If it still does not work, can you send us the log file again immediately after trying YouTube?



From Ben Graham @ 25 Sep 2015 12:09

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Hi Ben,

No joy, I'm afraid.

First thing I did was to use the in-software updater which said that I was up to date. So I used the link provided, downloaded and ran the installer again. Opened JMM to see the same blank listing window as before. So I navigated to YouTube via Chrome, no change, no sign of it monitoring anything. Quit JMM and tried the same thing using Safari - same result. I don't use Firefox and am unlikely to install it just to run JMM. 

Previously I have been able to record from both YouTube and Spotify, at least on this particular Mac (it's never worked on my second one). Have attached the latest log file - hope it's informative!

From Diarmidl @ 29 Sep 2015 01:09

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