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vocal track loses volume after converting

when i use jaksta audio capture, most songs get converted and sent to itunes with no problem.  but on a select few songs, such as the beatles version of roll over beethoven,  the vocal track volume goes way down after the conversion, and i can barely hear it.

i tried re-capturing, but no luck.

and helpful hints would be appreciated


ronnie b

From ronnie braverman @ 01 Jun 2020 02:06

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Hi Ronnie,

In simple terms, audio capture mode just takes a recording of the audio and does not have the ability to discern between or be affected by particular songs (or any audio). The track naming that it does after the song has been captured is a separate process to the actual recording, and does not affect the audio levels.

If you are getting varying results then it is usually due to varying circumstances in the recordings. With that being the case, are you able to tell me if htere was any difference in the settings or levels of the recordings that had a successful outcome and the ones that did not - ie. the Beatles song? 

This includes things like:

  1. volume levels
  2. speakers or headphones being plugged in or removed
  3. anything else that you can think of that may have been different



Jaksta Support

From Liam @ 02 Jun 2020 12:06

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hi again liam,

what i will try over the next few days is to try and find another version of the 2 problem songs on spotify.  the ones i had trouble with were from the "remastered versions" years after the initial songs were released.  other than that, none of the questions you asked were factors.

worse comes to worse, i will record the songs onto my pro tools software, and then see if Jaksta can capture them properly.  if not, i will just export the pro tools file converted into a file Itunes accepts....


From ronnie braverman @ 05 Jun 2020 01:06

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