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No Sound on recording

Asked by Jackeaustin1 @ 03 Oct 2017 09:10 / Views: 27

Hello, I've used the screen recorder for a long time and never had an issue recording. Now, all of a sudden I can't get any sound to record. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling soundflower along with jaksta. On my inputs, I have soundflower 2 ch selected yet when audio is playing, I don't see it registering anything in the input level. I'm using safari and I have Sierra 10.12.6 installed.

From Jackeaustin1 @ 03 Oct 2017 09:10

Hi Jack,

Have you checked your Sound settings in System Preferences at any point? Output should be set to Internal Speakers by default, but when a recording is started it should change to Soundflower (2ch) - it should then revert back when it is finished. Check that it is doing that as it should be, and then manually change it if needed. Input should always be set to Soundflower (2ch).

If the problem continues then it would be good if you can send through a clean log file.

To get a clean log, you will need to do the following:

- Open Screen Recorder

- Go to File > Reveal Log File

- Close SR but keep the Finder window with the log file open

- Delete the log file and still keep the Finder window open

- Reopen SR (this will generate a new log file)

- Run one test recording

- Close SR

- Go back to the Finder window with the new log file and attach it here (don't copy and paste the code in it - send the file itself)



Jaksta Support

From Liam C @ 03 Oct 2017 11:10

Hi Liam, I now have the sound recording working! However, now I have another slight issue. When I record, I'm used to the sound fading out and going to the soundflower, but now the sound stays on when recording. This is annoying as when I record something, I have to keep the volume up or the sound won't record. If I hit mute, the recording also won't record sound. Any ideas here?

From Jackeaustin1 @ 18 Oct 2017 10:10

Hi Jack,

What exact changes did you make that got the sound to start recording?

Was it based off what I said previously or was it something you did independently?



Jaksta Support

From Liam C @ 18 Oct 2017 12:10
I think it was user error...I kept hitting mute when the recording started so that I wouldn't have to listen to it in the background. However, it then muted out the sound from the recording. However, I remember this not affecting the recording in the past. If it recorded from soundflower, it usually doesn't matter what the speaker volume of the computer is, but now it seems to matter...
From Jackeaustin1 @ 18 Oct 2017 18:10

Hi Jack,

That is how Sound Recorder has always worked - at least that is how it should be working. 

If somehow you had it set up so that you could record the audio independently of the volume, then that may have been some anomaly with the setup of soundflower. Which is frustrating because that's probably the best way you could have it!

So unfortunately I cannot suggest anything to revert it back to the way it was. Because that is how it is built to function, there are no settings or preferences to change to work around it.

Sorry I can't be of more help.



Jaksta Support

From Liam C @ 19 Oct 2017 10:10