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Asked by john mcguirk @ 09 Aug 2019 09:08 / Views: 21

i am trying to record from youtube.  i listen to the clip with playback at a normal volume.  however, what i record comes out at too low a volume.  how do I correct this?

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Hi John,

Do you have any speakers or headphones plugged in while you are dong a recording? If you do, try removing them.

It may also help if you set both the Input Volume and Output Volume to the maximum levels when you are doing a recording. This should give you acceptable volume while you are recording and also make sure the recording itself gets good volume.

You can adjust these levels in System Preferences > Sound > Input. The Output Volume is your normal speaker volume, so make sure you turn it down when you are finished recording otherwise it will be super loud.

If nothing else helps I would then suggest doing a hard reinstall - uninstall Screen Recorder, reboot the machine, reinstall the latest update available on the site -



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