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Auto Mode does not work for Stripchat

Asked by Leera frnd @ 17 Jul 2020 20:07 / Views: 27

Auto Mode does not work for capturing Stripchat video stream.

For public shows when URL is entered manually it detects the stream though.

Tried with Chrome and Mozilla.

I also get DBM error when I tried to reinstall firefox HTTPS monitor from advanced settings.
RMC also keeps changing proxy setting to manual stopping stripchat to work.

Disabling SSL monitoring has no effect.

Operating System: WINDOWS 7

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For RMC support please go to

If you want to use AUTO mode with then you will need to use an WebRTC leak protection plugin such as Web RTC Control to block WebRTC.  The site will then revert to using a supported protocol. 

Otherwise enter the models url and the extraction engine will do this for you and you will be presented with available streams.

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