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Automatically downloading two streams

Asked by GregC @ 03 Feb 2020 09:02 / Views: 22



My problem is that when I go to download (media recorder) from a website it automatically downloads two streams: 

  1. *.mpd 
  2. *.mp4 


That slows down my internet connection incredibly (as it is also trying to play it - so that’s three streams) and also usually ends up with the recordings being broken and me having to waste time trying it again.


Can you help please?




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In Auto mode JMR will pickup what your browser is streaming.  So if it is detecting both and MP4 https stream and a DASH stream (MPD) which would result in an MP4 file then the player has started an MP4 https stream and then switched to Dash.

What website is this?  Please provide debug logs  

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