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Cam4 naming rule

Asked by Mike @ 10 Oct 2016 00:10 / Views: 46

I restarted the system some days ago and now the downloads from cam4 have the name: CAM4 Free Live Sex Cams  Worlds Largest Live Porn Site, but before that the name was:  (girl nick) Cam, Photos, Videos & Live Webcam Chat on Cam4. How can I get that the girl nick appear in the downloaded file? Thanks for this wonderful program.

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With all their recent changes, Cam4 are nolonger serving the model name as part of the pages title when the page is requested without whats called a UserAgent string.  

Have made the change required to support this and it will be in the next release.  Thanks for letting us know.

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Thank you, I though it was something about my computer. For now I changed naming rules in advanced settings and was useful. Great support.

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