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can no longer download from site

Asked by Jair VX @ 10 Nov 2017 06:11 / Views: 82

jaksta no longer record stream?

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Works ok here.


Provide debug logs as per

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ok provided log

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Invalid logs provided.

Please follow the steps outlined here exactly:

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post the zip? followed the debug directions

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Your logs show a download in progress which you canceled after 101mb where captured.  You have switched debug mode on after you started the capture.

Please explain exactly what the issue is that you are experiencing and please provide debug logs as per the link I provided that show this issue.  Please follow the steps exactly as outlined, which includes switching debug on before you attempt to capture anything including switching on auto mode.

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followed directions

i was previously able to record from site no problem but now nothing at all.

captures nothing

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There is no internet traffic going to showing in your logs.  There is actually pretty much no network traffic actually.

Did you go to after you switched on debug, and then AUTO?

Do you have the correct network adapter selected :  Settings > Internet Downloads > Network Interface WinPcap will monitor.

What browser are you using?  The logs showed that Firefox was missing its SSL scanner and this was automatically added back in and you were prompted to restart it if it was running.  If youb are using FF did you restart it and then go to

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first thanks for helping. still trying to get issue resolved.

im using chrome not firefox. i switched the adapters under the "Network Interface WinPcap will monitor" and was able to get some incoming traffic but now automatically grabs all streams and is just a mess with terrible video quality. attached a log

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