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Can't download from anymore

Asked by Andrew Lam @ 21 Aug 2016 04:08 / Views: 85

This info might be old. Please read more info about the best way to download from svtplay now.

I started using Jaksta Media Recorder this month and had downloaded quite some clips from But it just can't do it now anymore, even I've updated to the latest version. I look into the log and a line reads: *** THIS SITE MAY USE ANTI-LEACH FEATURES. Enter as a secure site with file extension mp4 in the settings and try again. *** Please help! Screen capture from the log attached.

From @ has geo blocking on it so cant test here unfortunately.

Anti-leach normally means they are using one time use urls.  This means that once the browser has used the url its no longer available to JMR to use it.  JMR can record the stream though as it plays in the browser.  To tell JMR to record instead of download add to the secure site list Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > Site Specific and enter the site in the "Media from the following secure sites will be recorded not downloaded" list.

Alternatively you can use the DVR capture method.

If your still having issues after that please provide your debug logs as per so we can see exactly what is happening and offer advise.


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In fact it starts to have problem after 20 August as I found that I actually downloaded another video from on 18 August without any special settings or errors!


I've tried to add into the list as yoi said but still can't download.  Attached error log I downloaded for your investigations.

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More: In fact I'm not in Sweden but still OK to download videos from few days ago (for videos available for international users) 

Not sure if it's useful but I copy and paste that log for the video I successfully downloaded on 18AUG.  Please have a look if it helps

I bought Jaksta as it's the easiest way, workable solution to download from svtplay.  I don't have to wait for the program to record as it could grab the files for me (I think there are thousands of clips for a video of 1 hour) 

If it can't be solved sadly I may have to consider another program, so please help! Thanks

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The video you have provided a progress log for from the 18/8 downloads fine here still using the extraction method:

You have not followed the instructions in the link I gave so the debug logs you have provided do not contain anything.  

Please follow them for a video that you can play in your browser (ie isnt geoblocked) but that is not downloading. 

Also provide the url of that page. All that I have tried are geo blocked from here.

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This info might be old. Please read more info about the best way to download from svtplay now.