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Distorted Video Quality

Asked by Jared Pease @ 16 May 2016 22:05 / Views: 30

 Hi when I record video it seems no matter what the quality of the performers video is, the recorded video gets very distorted at the slightest movement from the performer. It becomes heavily pixelated. If I pause the video and restart it the video will clear up for a second but then the quality declines again. It never did this until recently (the past few days)

I am on a win 7 64bit with all updates.. i9 720 with 24gb ram. I am on a 100mbs fiber optic hard wired connection (FIOS)

I get the same quality issues whether i use JMR 5 or JMR 6.

Please help

From Jared Pease @ 16 May 2016 22:05

Records and plays back fine here.  Recording im gettings is and FLV H264 640x480/Speex.  Playback via VLC with no issues.

From CRS @ 17 May 2016 08:05