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DVR & Silverlight

I know new versions (in this case Jaksta 7) means new ideas and features but who had the brilliant idea to display an error message that Silverlight is not installed everytime I want to use the DVR feature? I don't care about sites that need Silverlight and I can't find a switch to turn off that annoying error message.

From Andreas @ 09 May 2017 08:05

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I had that idea and implemented it as we had lots of people trying to DVR netflix which requires Silverlight.  If you install it you wont get that message.

From CRS @ 09 May 2017 09:05

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But what if I don't want to install it (simply because I don't need it) AND I don't want that message?  :)

But seriously, it popping up once is fine and I wouldn't complain about it but every time?

From Andreas @ 09 May 2017 11:05

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Your out of luck then aren't you :)

I've added a check in so if Settings > DVR > Advanced > Errors > Configuration Issue Prompt is not enabled you will not get the prompt.  Will be in next release.

For lots of premium sites that would normally stream html5 video but cant be DVR'ed because of MS playready DRM (comes out black), we force to use Silverlight and then they can be recorded.  This is primarily what the new quick links do in the DVR screen.  Configures a bunch of settings so DVR can capture.

From CRS @ 09 May 2017 11:05

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Looking forward to the next release then. Thanks in advance.


From Andreas @ 11 May 2017 12:05

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