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Jaksta Media Recorder 6

Jaksta Media Recorder 6 upgrade ...

Each and every update/upgrade completely screws up my PC.. why?

The old version worked just fine..

It loads...finally...after skipping multiple something or others...

Then when you open the program.. you can manually enter a URL...and download..

However, clicking "auto" .. just gets you a spinning blue circle..

So it doesn't work .. like it is supposed to (like the older version)

If I uninstall then reinstall ... same problem..

From Danny Milstead @ 03 Sep 2016 13:09

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What do you mean it completely screws up your PC?   

JMR just installs some files on the file system into the install folder you select and a DVR sound driver.  That's it.  It doesn't do anything else like replace any files so im not sure how it could completely screw up your PC.  

So what symptoms are you experiencing on your PC that your think the installation of JMR is causing? 

What do you mean by "It loads...finally...after skipping multiple something or others..."?

If you have a spinner blue circle when switching on AUTO detect then most likely winpcap is not functioning correctly on your machine.  Try and uninstall winpcap, reboot and reinstall.

From CRS @ 03 Sep 2016 18:09

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