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Jaksta \Media Recorder For Windows

Asked by Sara @ 15 Sep 2016 19:09 / Views: 49

Hi , 

Updated my existing Jaksta Media Recorder for Windows to the latest Jaksta \Media Recorder For Windows ( was prompted to do so) and there are 2 problems

1) Does not download any video from any site ...tried youtube etc . Tried copypasting the video links, changing the output format to mp4 , no conversion , flv  , changed it to auto mode etc .. nothing works

2) Once the Jaksta is open , my desktop slows down and doesn't open other tabs as fast as it did without it.

Wishing that I did not update ... please help !!

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Strange. Nothing major in the last update that I can think of that would be affecting your machines performance.

Lets start by uploading your debug logs when you try to copy & paste a youtube video link.

Follow these instructions:

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