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Jaksta Media Recorder 7 crashes on start


I'm trying Jaksta Media Recorder 7 on Windows.
After installing it once started, but not a second time.
I de- and reinstalled the application. Same behavior.

Would you please check the attached files and tell me what to do?

Thank you. Regards


From Babak Moaed-Zadeh @ 26 Sep 2021 02:09

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The attached zip file with logs is corrupt.  Please follow the instructions here for getting log files


Could you also please translated the screenshot to english.

From CRS @ 27 Sep 2021 10:09

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the text in the error message in the screenshot means:

The object reference was not set to an object instance.

"bei" means where (at which variables) this happens.

Is this a .NET error? Cause .NET crashed, too - as to see in the Windows event logs.

Attached are again the log files and the sysinfo.

Thank you.

From Babak Moaed-Zadeh @ 27 Sep 2021 13:09

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I've deinstalled the application again with - this time - "deleting existing settings and libraries option". After reinstalling the first start ended with an error message (see EM001.png).
The german text in the error message means: "The type initializer for "cs" threw an exception."
After turning the application "Windows 10 Firewall Control" to "allow everthing mode" and starting Jaksta as admin it runs. Even after restarting. I hope this will last.



From Babak Moaed-Zadeh @ 28 Sep 2021 23:09

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