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Jaksta Media Recorder for Windows Not Working with thv11

Asked by Liz Massey @ 19 Sep 2018 21:09 / Views: 153


I just purchased the Jaksta Media Recorder for Windows and I keep getting errors. What am I doing wrong? I know the links work because my co-worker tested it on his MAC and it works fine. Why is it not working on Windows?

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As per the error message you received, you need to use AUTO mode instead of the extraction engine - "Enter (or Drag and Drop) the url of a video page to download" text box, as the extraction engine does not support the thv11 site.

Switch AUTO on and then go to the thv11 page hosting the video you want to capture in your browser.

You will be presented with several different qualities to choose from.  Select the one you want by double clicking to start the capture.

This image shows the video you are after being captured here with AUTO mode:

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This shows it was on Auto but I’ll try again in the morning. 


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AUTO detects what is playing in your browser.  

You have entered the url into JMR, which uses the extraction engine which supports around 100 odd sites, but not the one you are trying to capture from.  That is why you have the error down the bottom - "Url is not supported. Please try the AUTO mode  ....".

Switch on AUTO mode and go to the url in your browser and play the video.  It will be detected and captured as per my screen shot.

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​What browser do I need to be in. I used Google Chrome and even with Auto on it's not detecting it and automatically grabbing the video.

I tried Internet Explorer and Firefox however it keeps says unable to load video. It acts like it wants me to update my adobe flash player but it also wants me to install McAfee Safe Connection? When I looked on the internet, many people were not happy with the McAfee installation. ​I don't want to infect my school computer. I have too many important pictures, videos, and school documents on it.


Liz Massey

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You can use any browser.   I use chrome as well and that was what my screen shot shows the capture from.

Try the following:

1. Close your browser 

2. In JMR, ensure AUTO is off and Click the "Get Support" tab
3. Click the "If requested by support switch Debug Mode on"
4. Switch back to the Home tab and switch AUTO on.
5. Open your browser and go to the website and start playing the video.  

If it is not detected:

6. Click the "Get Support" tab again
7. Click the paper airplane icon - "Send Logs"
8. Attached the generated file (which is placed on your desktop) to this forum post.

If you want to use another browser and it wants you to updated adobe flash, then there is a checkbox on the adobe flash download site to not install McAfee.  It is checked by default which is pretty mean of them, really.

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It's still not working in google chrome -- here is the file log.

Also, I tried firefox and when I click on Jaksta -- it will not even let the firefox browser open. I prefer Google Chrome though.

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Looks like the video is cached in your browser and playing from there as there is no request for it in your logs or any data being transmitted.

Clear your browsers cache:

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I cleared everything and it's still not pulling the video. I attached the log again, maybe this one will show something different. I'm not sure what to do now.

I even tried the firefox browser which I prefer google chrome but in auto it won't even allow the firefox browser to pull up.


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Your logs still show that all data is cached by the browser.  The request for /video/news/local/cabot-high-students-to-perform-the-little-mermaid/91-8030233 is returning status code 304, which is Not Modified and your browser is displaying cached data - your logs show no media data being transferred across the network.  You need to clear the browsers cache.  I get it caching here after I have viewed the video once as well and need to clear the Chromes cache to get it to be detected a second time.

Please read this to solve the bad signature error with FireFox which has its own certificate store.

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It's still not working -- I work for a school district and even had one of our technology employees go through it with me and we're stumped. I'm starting to get real discouraged. She's going to ask our IT Director if he can think of something but it will not pull the video. I have it on Auto and I've cleared out my cache several times.

As for firefox -- when you go to firefox we couldn't even find the internet downloads tab in settings?? Where is it?


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Please have a look at again.

There are pictures showing you the steps to take in JMR.  The Internet Downloads tab is in JMR not Firefox.  Please look at the steps and pictures.

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We’re on spring break now and the program is on my school computer. I may not get a chance to test this out again until March 26 when we get back, but I will be in touch as soon as I can look at it again. 

Anymore thought about trying to get it to work in Chrome because that’s what I use everyday and I prefer Chrome. Like I said I cleared the cache browser several times. I wasn’t supposed to clear a browser in JMR was I? 

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It works in Chrome, you just need to clear chromes cache.  There is no cache in JMR you need to clear.  Enjoy your break.

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​Hey, it's me again. I have been so swamped with the end of the school year that I'm just now getting back to you. I still cannot get this to work. I'm getting extremely frustrated and disappointed. One time I got it to work in firefox and now it's not even working on there anymore.

I prefer chrome and as you can see I've cleared my cache and it still won't work. Please HELP!​

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Here is another video of Jaksta not pulling in the video.

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Your video shows that you had already started playing the video before you switched AUTO on.

AUTO needs to be on before you load the page that has the video on it, other wise it will miss the start of the video stream.

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I’m pretty sure I’ve done it with auto on first but I’ll try it again in the morning.

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I hope you can open this, the video was a big file so it sent as a google drive link, but the video shows I have AUTO on first, then I loaded the page that has the video on it, and still nothing.

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Downloads fine here still.

Please turn on debug and provide those logs, ensuring AUTO is on before visiting the page and playing the video.  Try a video you have never played to ensure its not cached.  Also please let me know if you have a vpn or proxy server that you are going through and if so what ports it is on.

Screen shot below shows the small ad at the start being captured and then the video.

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How do I turn on debug?

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Here is the log -- also, beginning tomorrow (Friday, June 8) I will be unavailable for a week, so I will reply and reach back out when I get back.

I forgot to also mention I'm not going through a vpn or proxy server. I asked our technology dept. and I'm just using google chrome.

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Your logs dont show any internet traffic on "Intel(R) 82578DM Gigabit Network Connection", for the minute and a half you had debug on for.

Are you sure you are following the instructions correctly to collect the debug logs?   Debug needs to be on before you open the page hosting the video in your browser.

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Yes I'm sure, I will try to make a video next week when I'm back so you can see.

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I'm sorry I'm just getting back to you. I've been out of the country and busy with back to school stuff. 

I hope you can see this -- it's a google drive link.

I turned on the debug -- auto -- then played the video and still nothing. Here are the debug logs. I'm at a loss for what to do, it's been about two month or so and I still can't get it to work.

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​I also tried Firefox which did at one time work and now it doesn't as well.

I prefer Chrome.

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It's been two weeks and I still haven't heard an update. Did both my videos go through showing you that I'm still not able to capture any videos?

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Sorry for the delay.  

Jaksta can definitely download from   See screenshot below.,  

But as i mentioned early on this site requests your browser to cache the video details. If you have watched a video then they are loaded from the cache on subsequent views.  Based on your logs  this is what looks like is happening because there is no requests even for the webpage shown, which indicates it is being loaded from the browser cache. 

So the trick is to hard refresh the page so it doesnt use the cache and makes a request to the website so Jaksta can detect it.

So if you have already watched the video recently or it doesnt capture:

Switch AUTO off

Switch AUTO on

In chrome:  Hard refresh the web page hosting the video using Ctrl + Shift + r

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Okay, I'm at a loss. I understand it works for you. It works for my colleague on his MAC too, but I just can't get it to work on my PC. I'

I even cleared my cache once again. I hard refreshed the pages. I selected videos that I had never selected before and it still won't work.

I'm thinking something on my school computer maybe is blocking it? Do you have any idea what it could be? I've tried chrome and firefox.

I also make sure Jaksta is on auto before I even click on the video. I'm just not sure what to do now. I really want to and need to use this service. I haven't been able to use Jaksta once since I bought it in March. I really want to find a solution because I know it works!

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Close Jaksta

In Chrome can you please screen shot the following for me.

1. Gotto chrome://settings/

2. Click Advanced which is at the bottom of the page

3. In the System box click "Open proxy settings"

4. Click LAN Settings

Screenshot the Local Area Network (LAN) Settings window that appears.  Paste it here.

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Also please screenshot the following Jaksta screen and paste here

Settings > Internet Downloads

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Could you also please install this version.  It has more debug in it that might tell me what is happening on your machine.

1.  Install this version

2.  Start JMR

3.  Switch debug on

4.  Switch AUTO on

5.  Wait 30 seconds

6.  Switch AUTO off

7.  Collect debug logs and attach them here

Need the screenshots as well.

Please also make sure you reply in the forum.  Not by responding to the email that is sent as that slows down the response time if you do.  

You can click the blue Reply button in the email that is sent and this will open the page in the forum.

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Here is a screenshot of my LAN settings in chrome.

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Here is the setting internet downloads screenshot from Jaksta.

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I hope I did this right, this should be the debug logs.

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Very strange.  There is no network traffic being detected again.

Can you please get logs again but instead of step 5 got to in your browser and see if it is detected and downloaded.  Send me the logs.

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Also in chrome please go to this page and take a screenshot of it


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I will but I don’t have access to my desktop where Jaksta is loaded right now. Headed to a conference. Will send it next week.

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Okay, I'm back. Sorry back to school and it's super busy. I don't think this is going to work because the youtube link you gave me says this.

It's no longer available because of copyright laws so there is no video to play. Also, if you want me to do this with another link - remind me how to get the debug logs.

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Also, is the screenshot you needed? I didn't know if I just copy and pasted that link into the browser?


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1. Install latest version

2. Start JMR

3. Switch debug on

4. Switch AUTO on

5. Goto any ***new*** youtube video page and play the video

6. Wait 30 seconds

7. Switch AUTO off

8. Collect debug logs and attach them here

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Okay, here it is, with a new youtube video. It didn't do anything so I don't think it's going to show anything.

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I haven't heard back from anyone in nearly a month. Our school district brought this service about 6 months ago and we have yet to be able to use it even once. It will not work for me even though it works completely fine for my co-worker on his mac. We need to find a solution. I would like to use this service please!

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Sorry about the delay.  I missed your response.  

To me it looks like your school is using a Management Point to configure its proxy because I can see calls to and then there is no traffic after that which to me means the traffic is being redirected to a proxy on your internal network somewhere.

I did ask about this possibility earlier on and your IT person said no you didnt have a proxy.

I could be completely wrong,  but please ask your IT staff again as there is definitely some traffic to a management point.   

We just need to know what the port the proxy is on and then we can work from there.

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Hi, I spoke to one of our IT techs and we don't have a proxy. He asked is there a link to a free trial or something so he can test it out and play with it on his computer? We're in two different buildings across town so it would be easier for him to have it on his computer so he can try and figure out if something is blocking it.

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The trail can be downloaded from

Get him to contact me directly via support AT and mention this ticket and Ill liaise with him via email.

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Hi, it's me again. Our technology department sent you an email to the above email address you left - to try and figure out why we've never been able to get Jaksta to work on my work computer.

His name is Aaron Crawford. Can you please email him:

He left you an email and has never gotten a response. 

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Hello support. I have trial version installed to troubleshoot this issue for Liz. Settings are currently at default. How can I help get this issue resolved?

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The last logs Liz sent showed the proxy internal to JMR was not receiving traffic at all.  The proxy is used to detect media streamed over https such as thv11 is doing. 

The proxy is automatically created and is attached to the DefaultLAN connectiod

Settings > Internet Downloads > Monitor HTTPS/SSL must be on.  Her logs showed this was on and connected via the DefaultLAN connectiod.  This can be changed via Settings > Internet Downloads > Dial Up VPN Connection if she has a different setup on her machine.

We need to work out why her machine is not picking up the system proxy change to redirect https traffic to JMR or why firefox is not picking up the proxy (it can be manual or use the system proxy).   Her logs do not show another system proxy configured (JMR would route through this if it was).   There is a traffic to a management point which might be providing proxy info.

Is this just an issue with her machine or is it all machines on your school network?

Here are the details on how to get debug logs:

For thv11,  switch debug on first, then AUTO mode must be on, and then open your browser (use chrome if you can) and go to the thv11 page hosting the video.  If JMR doesnt pick it up do a hard fresh (load) of the page so if the video is playing from the cache it is requested again (Shift-Refresh or F5).  If it still doesnt pick it up, please attach the logs.  

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Tested this on my own PC (Windows 10, Chrome 70.0.3538.110) to no avail using Chrome. Also tried this with all network policies removed last week.

This week I took the new Jaksta update and I was able to capture a video with Firefox. I will be testing this on her PC when she is available. I've attached a log from using Chrome to see if you might know why it isn't working in Chrome as that is the browser she primarily uses.

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The attached logs contain 45 seconds of data and show no traffic to the proxy and *minimal* traffic to/from the network adapter (Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265) you have winpcap monitoring - the only traffic is to which is a google domain.  Much less traffic that what we would normally expect to see in 45 seconds.  You can change the adapter on Settings > Internet Downloads.

I can see in the logs that Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 is enabled for both ipv4 and ipv6.  Have you limited ipv4 on your network?

Please ensure debug is on before you open the page hosting the video or do a hard refresh on it.

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Attached are two logs. One in chrome (not working) one in firefox (working). I hard refreshed chrome during that take.

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The chrome log shows no HTTPS traffic being routed to JMR's internal proxy.  Something is still stopping that from happening.  JMR sets the system proxy and chrome should be automatically detecting this change.

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