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Asked by Matthias @ 17 May 2019 15:05 / Views: 48

Hello all together,

I’m very sad about using JMR. L (latest version/Windows)

Last weeks I have read a lot of tutorials and FAQs. A lot of sites are not working. So I had a focus only on official and supported sites like and

Nothing is working, neither downloading nor recording. Yesterday I decided to uninstall everything. After several reboots I installed all programs again.

Network Monitor and Winpcap are booth installed.

I’ve gotten many error messages. For example: “Failed to run filter graph.”; “Failed to extract video. Trying extraction from mobile website.”; “Url is not supported. Please try Auto detection or the Digital Video Recorder."

I tried a lot of browser, but mainly Google Chrome. I changed the view to an iPad view…

Why are these sites not supported? “… filter graph.”??? I reduced Audio and Video-Codecs…

If my setting would be completely wrong, chaturbate would not work - but here o public-chat.

I hope somebody can help! Maybe I have completely wrong ideas?!

Thank you very much!



From @ works fine here:

So does - picks up all available quality streams.

Please provide debug logs and I can see what might be wrong with your machine.  Please just pick one site to start with and we can go from there. 

From @

Hello CRS,

see attached my debug file.

Thx for helping. :-)



From @

Hello CRS,

any updates to my request?

Many thx! ;-) 

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Your logs show you trying to DVR.  As I showed in my pics just use AUTO mode.

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