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Asked by Jared Pease @ 10 Jan 2017 04:01 / Views: 30

Hello, I am a premium member of and I am trying to record the videos with both Jaksta 5 and 6. I am able to successfully record a few videos then for some reason I cannot proceed to the next video.. I close Jaksta and refresh my browser (I have tried both IE and Firefox - on win 10 64bit) and when I do, I am signed out of the site. I can spend forever logging back in but it never allows me.. it just shows as if I have not signed in still. This behavior continues until I close my browser. when I reopen my browser, I can  then sign back in and the videos will play again. I open up Jaksta and the whole ordeal starts again. Now, if I NEVER open Jaksta... I never experience this behavior. It is only when I run Jaksta than I start to experience this behavior.

Please help.

Its quite annoying.

I am getting by for the moment without Jaksta and just right clicking and save video as... but that is slow and tedious..

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Sounds pretty strange.  Could you please email support AT with your login details for so I can test for you here.

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Ta for the credentials.


Looks like logs you out if your downloading too many videos. 


Try using only 1 connection instead of the default 5. 


Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > HTTP > Max number of segments > change to 1.  

and wait until the download is finished until moving onto the next one.

Once I did that I could downloaded 14 without being logged out.


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