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Multiple cams on one YouTube "page"

Asked by Patricia @ 29 Dec 2019 15:12 / Views: 20

This info might be old. Please read more info about the best way to download from youtube now.

 I posted this problem before but got no response.

On this page there's a choice of 3 cams, each with its own URL:

I select and copy the URL from each cam and enter them into Jaksta Monitor - but each one downloads Cam1.  If I enter the same URLs into VLC's Network Stream the individual cams download fine.

Can Jaksta overcome this somehow?

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Works ok here.  When I extract I get the three cams appear in the multiple streams detected list.  Then I can double click one and that one is captured.

Please provide debug logs if you are still having an issue.



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Thank you for your response.  I'm having a hard time getting my head around this, sorry :(

If I enter the URL of Cam3 on the main page like you have, it downloads all 3 cams separately - great! - but that's no good, I need them to be monitored, but entering Cam3's URL into Monitor gets me only Cam1.

All the YouTube live streams I download with Jaksta cut off @ 6 hours, I need them to pick themselves up right away so that they keep going while I'm away or asleep.

Monitoring is generally wonderful and I wish I'd discovered it long ago instead of using Auto, with all the manual intervention that requires.  It's just these shared pages that it won't seem to work on.

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Switch off Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanaced > Extractor > Prefer Playlist extraction


In the monitor use the url for each cam

Cam 1 -

Cam 2 -

Cam 3 -

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PERFECT !!!   Thank you very much !!!

Patricia 殺

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Works good?  

Love those eagles -  can't believe how close they are to that major road and how bad the weather was whilst I was viewing the cams. Beautiful animals.  

What do you do?  You seem to record so many of these eagles cams?   Where I live we have lots of these eagles around -, but I'm not sure we have so many cams watching them as you do.

Perhaps there is a better way we can help you using our recording tech?


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Sorry I'm so late responding - I've had two dreadful colds, one on top of the other, plus I need to reinstall Windows due to very horrible ongoing glitches, not cured by the previous recent reinstall!  So I'm all behind with everything!

I am nothing to do with the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Foundation, who run these cams in conjunction with landowner Dick Pritchett Real Estate - I'm just a little old lady in England recording the cams to share extracts of the eagles' breeding season on a dedicated Facebook thread.  My No1 priority is ospreys in the UK season March-September.

I also record the Northwest Florida bald eagles, they're controlled by the American Eagle Foundation and streamed by HDonTAP.  Once I managed to get their links via Auto, I was able to put them into Monitor, a triumph ;)

Yes, they've both got a lot of cams on the nests, but very often the systems and/or bandwidth can't cope and it's extremely frustrating ;)  Too ambitious, I say!

If I can find a Wedge-tailed eagle cam I will certainly try to record it - I'd never seen them before, they look beautiful, thank you.


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This info might be old. Please read more info about the best way to download from youtube now.