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No Internet Connection when I switch ON the AUTO Button.

Asked by Zenith Gurgel Neto @ 04 Jul 2018 09:07 / Views: 43

When I start the Jaksta Media Record software, and switch ON the AUTO internet connection stop working, so, is not possible to download anything....

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Sounds strange.  Perhaps Winpcap is not installed correctly on your machine.  Uninstall it using add/remove programs as well as Jaksta and then reboot and reinstall.

If you are still having issues then please provide debug logs and perhaps some screen shots.

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I tried to remove and install the winpcap software again, but it did not solve the problem.

I tried to change the Winpcap to "Network monitor", but it did not work too.

Unfortunately, turning ON the "AUTO" button in Jaksta is similar to lost the internet connection.

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When you switch AUTO on all HTTPS traffic is routed via Jaksta for analysis for media streams to capture and then routed to the internet and back again. Ie Browser <----> Jaksta <----> Internet

It looks like Bitdefender (or other firewall software) is blocking Jaksta from connecting to the internet.  Hense why you are getting the timeout error in your browser.

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Check your firewall and ensure Jaksta is allowed through it.

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So strange! 

The windows firewall is OFF. 

I completely removed the Bitdefender, so, I have not antivirus anymore, reinstalled Jaksta, but the problem still persists! 

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Can you provide new debug logs then please.  Ensure debug is on before you switch AUTO on and try to go to

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I tried everything with no results. 

So.... As I could not wait anymore, I tried the radical solution, reinstall the Windows 10. 

After that, I installed the Jaksta... and now, everything is Working. (Thanks God)

I would not expect to do this... because I'm reinstalling Jaksta a lot(trying to fix)... and I know there is a counter limite.

I'm afraid about to reinstall the Bitdefender, but I have used the Jaksta with Bitdefender for a long time without problems. 

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Could have been the last Windows 10 upgrade stuffed something up.  Have seen a few instances of it.  Glad to hear you back up and running anway.

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