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no video recorded on auto

Asked by R Gardner @ 09 Jan 2021 23:01 / Views: 7

Hi, your advice please.

I'm using Chrome on a Windows 10 laptop and trying to use Auto to record from;

The recorded files have no video. I attach a log file and a screen grab of the Jaksta window.

It's probably finger trouble on my part but I cannot fathom out what I'm doing wrong.

I only recently started using this machine and so the installations of Jaksta, Chrome etc are fairly fresh. Indeed uninstalled and re-installed Jaksta to see if that would cure the problem. Unfortunately it didn't.

Yours, BobG

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Today's behaviour mirrored that of yesterday except the WaPo link did produce a video on Washington Post.mp4.

As per yesterday Washington Post 1.mp4 is blank.

There is also a window open that I cannot access called blank.html. If I click on it to open it I am sent to the open Jaksta window.

VLC tells me that it cannot open "Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.mp4"


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Update: After 25 minutes of recording "Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 1.mp4" finished at 2.16Gb of nothing being recorded, ie it opens but won't play.

Yesterday I was getting recording that would play but the screen was black although there was audio.


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Update 2: I had a problem with Chrome and did a re-install. It hasn't solved the problem on A log file is attached for this shorter video as is a screen grab showing the 5 files Jaksta recorded (none of which played):


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