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Recording/Downloading from HTML5 Based Video

Asked by djb247365wfms @ 29 Jul 2017 02:07 / Views: 44

I've upgraded to the latest build for Version 7. I've noticed that Jaksta does not detect any HTML5 based live stream, and I wanted to know if Jaksta is already capable of capturing HTML5 based video, or if this is something that is soon to be released in an upcoming version of Jaksta?? If this is already built in, please tell me how do I go about getting the function to work. I use Google Chrome. 

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JMR certainly does detect and capture non copy protected HTML5 live streams with support for HTTP, HTTPS, HLS, WebSockets and Dash protocols.

For copy protected streams you can use the DVR capture method.

What site are are you having issues with and I can tell you the best method to capture it?

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