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Asked by Rentu Dafadar @ 03 Jun 2020 00:06 / Views: 10

I'm not getting full hd quality on

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Are you using Windows or Mac,  We have a screen recorder for Mac but  on the PC in JMR we have the DVR feature.

If you are on a PC, please provide debug logs so I can see what is going on.  If on a mac please post to the mac screen recorder forum 

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I'm using PC

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why only 310 p

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Your logs show you using the live stream monitor on chaturbate etc.

Please provide logs showing just the DVR.  

By default JMR will DVR record at 1/4 your screen size.  This is for performance reasons.   You can change this in the settings - Settings > DVR > Request Best Output Size to off and set what you want.  Be mindful though that not all players can be adjusted to the size you might select, and will be recorded at whatever they adjust to.

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