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Asked by james perrett @ 14 Nov 2016 20:11 / Views: 102

Tried stream and video recorder but failed.

Can enter login details on firefox or chome on windows 10.

but not through video recorder window. 

Type in username ... but when typing password Username wiped.

I.e Username is empty when tabing to password field.

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Stan is copy protected so can not be stream recorded.

can confirm your login experience here - pretty weird.

Anyway, there is a way around it.

1. Open IE and go to and login

2. Close IE

3. Open JMR and go to Settings > DVR  and set Browser Emulation to IE 11

4. In JMR, change to DVR mode and open the DVR browser and go to Becuase you are logged in IE you should still be logged in.

5. Navigate to and play the video you want to record and once playing click the red record button.

The following image shows being recorded


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