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VPN - SmartDNS and similar

Asked by Gerry Barclay @ 07 Feb 2018 10:02 / Views: 35


I have just updated my VPN (HideIPVPN) because the previous version was nearing its use-by date. The VPN has two modes: normal VPN and SmartDNS. Jaksta worked fine with both modes, but only with "normal VPN" mode since the update. IE11 works fine with both modes.

I appreciate that it is not your role to recommend VPNs etc, but I would appreciate your comments whether Jaksta supports Smart DNS and, if so, which VPN supplier you know are good.

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We use to bypass geo restrictions and blackVPN when a vpn is required.

Note that when using a VPN you will need to use the Network Monitor instead of Winpcap.  Change and/or install from Settings > Internet Downloads.

Winpcap attaches to the network stack in a way that it only sees encrypted traffic, where the Network Monitor attaches in a way so it can see unencrypted traffic.

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