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bit rate error

Asked by tim wells @ 24 Dec 2016 10:12 / Views: 53


I have been getting this error lately.

I have tried recording at different rates but will still get 

error messages.

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I was able to do this before. My output for the speakers was already at the proper level.

I ended up just lowering the bit rate.

The one thing I don't understand is why this just started happening. Never had

this issue before. Why will it record fine for awhile then in the middle of a song

this error message comes up.?

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Your system is producing a new sound stream at 22050 Hz.  

Perhaps next time it happens look at what app is producing the sound and see if you can track it down that way.  The app may have settings that override your default audio playback format.

If you cant work out which app it is, if you can switch debug on as per and then have it generate the error, the logs will tell us which app is producing the stream @ 22050 Hz.

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