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File conversion??

So I downloaded the trial offer, and went through the steps to test out your program.  So it detected a music stream from Hoopla and down loaded the flv,AAC file. From the program screen I chose the save to mp3 option. I didnt look at the trial details much, but I know that there is a limit. I didnt know that at the time, and tried to convert 21 songs. The duration was 1:00min for all the converted files. 

Could you do me a favor and walk me through this? I wanted to save the mp3 files to my Windows Media Player, but it didn't look like the title names, nor the album art was included. Is it necessary to go back and rename files, depending on what site you use?? 

If I only want to use your program to record audio, is the basic music downloader what I need to back up music from Spotify, or say Hoopla ??

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From Mr. S.C. Kiessig @ 24 Jul 2016 05:07

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Jaksta Music Recorder doesnt record to FLV (It records to MP3, FLAC,  M4A, MP3 VBR,  OGG Vorbis, WAV or WMA).  I assume therefore you are using Jaksta Media Recorder to capture the stream from Hoopla.

Jaksta Media Recorder's trial limitations are:

Download 100% of any YouTube video including full Playlists and Channel downloads

Download up to 50% of any on-demand audio or video clip

Download up to one minute of any live stream

Audio record up to one minute

Digital Video record up to one minute

Jaksta Music Recorder's trial limitations are:

Record 25 free songs from any site or application

After your 25 free songs, 50% of any recording

If your only wanting to record music then Jaksta Music Recorder is all you need.


From CRS @ 25 Jul 2016 09:07

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