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more news on the mystery error

Asked by William Mitchell @ 20 May 2018 06:05 / Views: 56

Sorry about the caps but i always use them in headings. 

more news on the mydtery error. the program repeatedly crashes upon initiation of recording no other functions appear affected.

i have attached a screenshot of the error just in case it's different.

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0x888890008 has something to do with a configuration error with your audio inputs on your machine.   You could try the following:

1. Right click the Speaker icon in the bottom right hand corner of Windows and select Recording Devices
2. Locate the device in the list and go to Properties then Advanced.
3. Set the Default Format to 44100 Hz and click OK.
4. Go back in and set it back to 48000 Hz and click OK.

Steps 1-4 above may also need to be applied to the corresponding Speaker device under the Playback tab as well.

If the issue persists then please provide provide debug logs as per

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How many bits???

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