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Slingbox and NOT changing channel.

Asked by mark @ 24 Jan 2017 08:01 / Views: 100

I just bought your software and realized that it does NOT change the channel for the scheduled recording.

I can get free software like slingsdk to change the channel but your software CANNOT do such a simple thing.

Why not?

Latest version of your recorder.

Slingbox PRO HD with the latest firmware.

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I am using the built in Tuner as we do NOT have any digital cable.

If this does not work, then I want a refund.


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You can get a refund anytime if you purchased in the last 30 days:

That said you can indeed setup a scheduled recording to change channel.  See highlighted field below.


You may also need to change the key mappings:

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I did that with the channel and it did NOT change the channel.

I have found several other Support discussions with the same issue and NO resolution by Jaksta.

I would like a refund.  It has only been a day.


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Your solution for Key mapping is good for controlling other devices buy as myself and many others have found, your Slingbox program cannot even control the Slingbox itself.

You should provide a solution that works for the slingbox or remove your advertising that says it works for slingboxes.

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Mark if it's not for you, you can request a refund at the link indicated which is here:

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It does NOT seem to work for anyone.  I requested a refund but NO response.


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Mark your refund WAS processed about three hours ago.

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