How to Record Video from Rtl-now

Use Jaksta Media Recorder to download, record and capture video and music from Rtl-now

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Note: Images below show Netflix as an example only. Rtl-now can be captured in the same way.

Download, record and capture video and music from Rtl-now.


  1. Download the Jaksta Media Recorder installer.
  2. Install Jaksta Media Recorder by running the downloaded installer
  3. Once installed, start Jaksta Media Recorder from the Windows Start Menu Step 1 to download from Rtl-now

Prepare DVR Mode

  1. Ensure the Digital Video Recorder Capture Method is selected to capture Rtl-now ;
  2. Open the DVR Browser; Step 2 to download from Rtl-now

Play Rtl-now video in the DVR Browser

  1. Navigate the DVR Browser to Rtl-now;
  2. Play the Rtl-now video you want to capture; Step 3 to download from Rtl-now

Record the Rtl-now video

  1. Once the Rtl-now video is playing click the REC button to begin recording Rtl-now silently in the background;
  2. The recording progress from Rtl-now will display on the Home screen along with a preview window;
  3. The DVR will automatically split Rtl-now shows into new files;
  4. Once the Rtl-now video download is complete, double click the download entry to watch it in your favorite video player. Step 4 to download from Rtl-now

About Jaksta Media Recorder

The Jaksta Media Recorder Digital Video Recorder (DVR) capture method is superb at capturing from premium sites such as Rtl-now where downloading is not allowed. Our proprietary DVR technology allows high quality recordings from Rtl-now to be made silently in the background, so you can can continue working on your computer.

To record from Rtl-now use the current version of Jaksta Media Recorder - which was released Oct 08, 2020

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