How to Download from

Download, record and capture video and music from

Step by Step Guide on How to Download from

Note: Images below show BBC as an example only. can be captured in the same way.
  1. Preparation
  2. Subscribe to a station, show or podcast
  3. Listen to recordings


  1. Download the Jaksta Radio Recorder installer.
  2. Install Jaksta Radio Recorder by running the downloaded installer
  3. Once installed, start Jaksta Radio Recorder from the Windows Start Menu Step 1 to download from

Subscribe to a station, show or podcast

  1. On the Guides screen search for and other Radio Shows, Radio Stations or Podcasts to subscribe to or record now;
  2. Once subscribed Jaksta Radio Recorder will automatically start and record the station at the given time; Step 2 to download from

Listen to recordings

  1. Recordings from appear on the Home > My Records screen;
  2. Once a recording is complete, double click the recording entry to listen to it. Step 3 to download from