Tips and Tricks for downloading from sites

2016-11-18 01:41:41 by Staff Writer

Jaksta downloading from Tips for downloading live events broadcasts around 6 million events a year and is used by services such as The New York Times, BBC, TED, CMA, Fox and many others.

A few months back started using a streaming protocol combination of https/web sockets from their adobe flash player to stream video over.  We haven't yet implemented support for detecting video streamed over a web sockets/https combination, though we do support detection when video is streamed over a web sockets/http combination.

Anyway, that's all technical stuff you probably don't want to know about ;)

So how then can we download streams?  

The trick is to get your browser to use a non-flash player!  

The method I am going to describe uses Google Chrome, though any browser (or browser plugin) that makes the site think it is on a mobile device will work.  User Agent switching plugins also work great.  

I'm using (which is a stream) in my example below, but the same steps will work for any site. has all the latest streams.

  1. In Google Chrome go to;
  2. In Google Chrome press Ctrl-Shift-J (all at the same time) to go into developer mode;
  3. At the top of the window select "iPad" from the dropdown list. The view will change to an iPad view;
  4. Switch on AUTO mode in JMR
  5. In Google Chrome now go to the page hosting the (  Jaksta Media Recorder will pick up the streams and you will be presented with a few qualities/formats to choose from. Sel
  6. Jaksta Media Recorder will pick up the streams and you will be presented with a few qualities/formats to choose from. Double-click the one you want to download.

Three Power Tips for Downloading video from

  1. If you have a favourite or preferred format and quality, select these as your preferred settings.  The stream that most closely matches will be automatically selected and downloaded.
  2. If your preferred format and quality are not available from, select an appropriate conversion setting and have any stream you download automatically converted to that format and quality.
  3. Install a User Agent Switcher plugin for your browser.  Use google to find one for the browser you use - search for "user agent switcher plugin <browser name>". Once installed the plugin should make it simple to switch to an iPad view.

Jaksta Media Recorder for Windows Boxshot