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  • How-To Save Netflix Movies and Shows

    2016-10-20 08:58:06

    How-to save Netflix to your computer

    Saving Netflix Movies and TV's shows for offline viewing

    Netflix's Investor Review confirms some incredible statistics on the world's leading Internet TV services.  Streaming in over 190 countries to 86 million subscribers, 126 million hours of video a day!  

    With original series such as House of Cards, Jessica Jones, Dare Devil, Blood Line, Marco Polo, Master of None,...

  • How-To Download YouTube Videos

    2016-10-18 06:03:20

    Jaksta Media Recorder Downloading From YouTube

    YouTube Downloads: The world's most popular video-sharing site.

    YouTube, as you know, is the world's most popular video-sharing site.   At YouTube Statistics they claim almost one-third of all people on the internet are users - that's more than a Billion users!  Anyway, if you have never heard of YouTube, then you have probably only just arrived on planet earth!

    Now herein lies the...