How-To Save Netflix Movies and Shows

2016-10-20 08:58:06 by Staff Writer

How-to save Netflix to your computer

Saving Netflix Movies and TV's shows for offline viewing

Netflix's Investor Review confirms some incredible statistics on the world's leading Internet TV services.  Streaming in over 190 countries to 86 million subscribers, 126 million hours of video a day!  

With original series such as House of Cards, Jessica Jones, Dare Devil, Blood Line, Marco Polo, Master of None, Narcos, Orange is the new Black, Sense 8, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt; Netflix has become a major player of original programming.

For around 9.00 USD a month, Netflix allows members to watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on nearly any Internet-connected screen.  That's great - If you have an Internet-connected screen!  

So what do you do if you want to watch a Netflix show offline?  Due to the encryption of Netflix streams, it is not possible to download directly.  Some websites recommend old technology such as screen recording; however, screen recording is an awful choice: You can't use your computer while recording; all sounds your computer makes will be saved; and the final output quality will be poor.  In 2016 you want to use new recording technology like Jaksta Media Recorders DVR capture method.

You first need to download and install Jaksta Media Recorder and then follow these three easy steps to save videos from Netflix to your computer.

Three steps to record shows and movies from Netflix

  1. Change Jaksta Media Recorder's capture method to DVR;
  2. Open the DVR Browser and navigate to the Netflix show or movie you wish to record; 
  3. Click the record button

Power Downloader Tips for Netflix

  1. You will see the Netflix video you are recording playing in the bottom left corner of the Jaksta Media Recorder window;
  2. You will not hear the Netflix audio; rest assured that it is being recorded;
  3. You can minimize the Jaksta Media Recorder interface, and you can continue to use your computer. However, for the best quality, don't watch other videos while DVR'ing. 
  4. Netflix videos will automatically split between episodes.  Splitting is controlled by settings on the Settings > DVR tab.

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