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Can't download from

Asked by Alexej Kurc @ 04 Nov 2018 22:11 / Views: 1


APP version: (legitimate version)

Logs and video (screen record) are included

I am trying to download this video:

But app downloads only audio or just first part of video (13.mb).

What I am doing wrong?


From @

Using the extraction method gets a promo video for the concert (41 secs 13.6MB).  You more than likely need to login to the site.  Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > Extractor Logins.  If you would like us to investigate further please send your login details to support AT  Or use AUTO mode.

Your logs and video show you using the DVR - but they are only short (about 1 min).  Your video seems to show the video captured at 30000fps?  Not sure how you set that setting as its a drop down (29.97 should be perfect).  Please reset your settings and provide full debug logs - switch debug on before opening the DVR browser.

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