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DVR Crashes when video starts

Asked by DF04101 @ 24 Aug 2016 19:08 / Views: 41

Requires DVR - but when it pops up it has to be resized before the video starts to play and then it immediately crashes. I've updated to the most recent version. Not sure what to do next. Any help is appreciated.

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Thanks for the report - have been working on supporting nbcolymics replays for the last week (live streams worked).  Hopefully will have something out later today for you.

Looking at your logs, you are using the old "browser control".  You should change to use the "Ax Browser" in the DVR settings, with IE 10 Default.  You should find that works alot better for most sites as it uses real IE in the back ground, instead of their browser control which has some limitations with flash players on some sites.  Still wont work with nbcolymics until I get you a new release though ;)

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Thank you for your reply. Appreciate that even when there isn't an immediate solution you at least take the time to explain why and that's it is being looked into. Also, thanks for the settings change idea. My work around solution was to find the events I wanted from another English speaking country's stream.

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