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Monitor starts multiple streams under certain conditions

Asked by zaxxon111 @ 17 Nov 2017 13:11 / Views: 23
I'm using the monitor function to monitor streams on a website that is heavily loaded at times. I have Jaksta Media Recorder set to split every 30 minutes, and with a check interval of 60 seconds. If I leave it for some time and come back, sometimes (often) it malfunctions where I've got several recordings going at once of the same stream.

What I think is happening is that the website that I am monitoring can sometimes be very slow to start a stream (more than 60 seconds, which is the check interval). So if it sees that a stream has been running for longer than 30 minutes, it'll start a new stream. 60 seconds later, the monitoring task will run again, but since the last monitoring check didn't yet establish a connection (because the website is slow to initialize a stream), it launches yet another stream recording.

That's my theory, anyhow. For now, I've turned off the automatic splitting to avoid the issue.


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Could you please export and send your monitors to support AT and reference this post so I can take a look.

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