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I cant access the forum - "You are not authorized to access portal" error 08 May 2023 02:05 1
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Version: removed by virus protect 2023-05-08T02:49:51-04:00 1
Hoopla problems 2023-05-08T02:49:53-04:00 2
Getting distortion - Flac segments combined 2023-05-08T02:49:55-04:00 4
FLAC bit rate and depth 2023-05-08T02:49:59-04:00 8
Only records BBC Sounds from Internet Explorer, does not work on Micorsoft edge,... 2023-05-08T02:49:59-04:00 1
accessing software 2023-05-08T02:50:00-04:00 2
Error - Does not start recording 2023-05-08T02:50:02-04:00 3
Music source 2023-05-08T02:50:02-04:00 1
Jaksta Downloading Issues 2023-05-08T02:50:03-04:00 2
Error Element not found when trying to record 2023-05-08T02:50:04-04:00 1
do you wish to record audio from 2023-09-24T16:27:36-04:00 1