Windows 10 1809 - DVR recordings are blank/black videos

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Update 28 August 2019

The release of Chrome 76 and some windows updates have broken the DVR capability again unfortunately.

Please do a full reinstall (deleting your library and settings option) OR delete the file C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Jaksta Media Recorder 7\JakstaDVRvd.18362.generated.dll.

This will fix the DVR recording window opening on screen, however recordings will have the chrome title bar in them.

We are working on a fix for the new version of chrome.

Jaksta License holders:

Update 09 July 2019 - Version supports the DVR feature on Windows 10 1809

Download here: 

Applian license holders:

Please go to 


We are aware the DVR recording functionality for Jaksta Media Recorder for Windows is not working with the Microsoft Windows 10 1089 (October 2018) update and are actively working on a work around.

The 1089 rollout has been plagued with issues that have affected all sorts of hardware and software.  Unfortunately our DVR functionality has also been affected.  You can read more here. 

Temporary solution:

If you have upgraded to Windows 10 1089, then either rollback to 1083 or use a VirtualMachine.  

Free virtual machines are available here: 

By CRS @ 29 Apr 2019 09:04